Menocapsule - DIGITAL
A digital time capsule from post-menopausal moms to their daughters.

Our mothers are valuable and underused resources who are able to provide insights and advice about the menopause transition from lived experience. A woman’s menopause experience often closely resembles that of her mother, giving moms unique insight into when the transition might start and what it will be like. Refinery 29 and Case For Her harness the power of mum’s wisdom to create the Menocapsule - a digital “time capsule” of audio recordings filled with stories and advice from post-menopausal mothers aimed at demystifying and destigmatizing the menopause transition for the next generation.


Copywriter(s): Sanjeeta Saha. Nik Szpak

Art Director(s): Leyla Kamil, Alyona Golikova, Ketevan Bulukhia