What you are about to see is created for digital realms, utilizing various tools and techniques, through science backed experimentation. 

Garden of eden

Digital recreation of biblical GARDEN OF EDEN.

Me starring as Eve. 

p.s. Took more than 7 days to create this garden.


Music: Nikakoi. St. Germain.

mixed media: film photographs + digital art 




Left handed visualizer

My aquatic, responsive digital self image shows i’m left-handed visualizer, trying to catch more waves than feelingzzz.


Music: St. Germain 

Illustrated & animated by meeeh

Love tutto

Love Tutto = love everything, is the name of the GAME and my future concept store, where lovers aka customers can get anything I love from A to Z.


Music: St. Germain 

Illustrated & animated by meeeh

Distorted reflection

Time is not a factor in my domain. Only NOW is. #behereNOW 


Music: 808 state.  

Personal project.